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Kym Marsh talks about ‘heartbreaking’ stillbirth storyline

Actress Kym Marsh has discussed the struggle of filming stillbirth scenes in Coronation Street with OK! Magazine, eight years after losing her son Archie at birth.

Back in 2009, Kym and her former partner Jamie announced they were expecting a baby – however the little boy came early at 21 weeks, and tragically died  shortly after.

Speaking to OK! magazine, she admitted the scenes, in which her character Michelle and her partner Steve McDonald’s suffer a stillbirth, were ‘challenging’ yet she is determined to raise awareness through the storyline and bravely insists she wants to help other women by filming the heartbreaking scenes.

She told the magazine: ‘I have had to go to some really dark places when filming the heartbreaking scenes. But my family, friends and colleagues have been incredible. Losing a child is something that never leaves you, so revisiting those feelings as Michelle was a challenge. There was a counsellor on set at all times when we were filming the scenes.’

Kym admits she found strength in her other children – David, 22, Emilie, 18, who she shares with former partner Dave Cunliffe and five-year-old Polly, who she shares with Jamie.

She added: ‘But the best tonic was to go home and see David, Emilie and Polly, which reminded me how lucky I am to have my children.’

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