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My name is John Lush and I am an expectant first time father. There we go I’ve admitted it- just 4 weeks to go and I have the scars of 8 months of ‘sympathy pregnancy’ all over me to show for it. Before all you ladies begin reaching for the knife drawer that I am complaining, i am jesting of course ( you will get used to my humour in forthcoming blogs.. )

I know that it’s the lady who suffers by far and away the most during the pregnancy rollarcoaster ( if pregnancy was a theme park ride would anyone cue for it ?! ) but us men don’t get off scot free. This time is full of angst and worry – can I fulfil all the duties in the ‘ good father’ job description?! You would think I should have worked it out by now – 8 months is the worlds longest job application after all, but it hasn’t stopped the hair from getting greyer and the palms getting sweatier ( Too much information I hear you squirm ! )

To introduce myself – I’m John, I’m 34 and live in Southampton with my wife Hannah. We have been married 2 and a half years and currently only have 2 cats for responsibility ( but they aren’t normal cats – bloody divas! ) but are expecting our first on feb 18th. I flog insurance during the day but am a wannabe media whore at night and at weekend – I present my own radio show ‘ The Lush Club’ every sat morning on and also write and sometimes perform comedy. I think I will concentrate on the writing as last time I performed comedy I went through my own ‘rebirth’ as I died on stage in front of 200 drinks in the roughest area of Southampton!

In the forthcoming few months and years I intend to share my experience as a first time father – from birth to crawling and hopefully make you laugh, cry and smile in equal measure 🙂

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