Ambassadors and Medical Advisors

Kicks Count has a huge amount of thanks and gratitude to so many people. This page is to say thanks to a few who provide invaluable medical knowledge to make sure that the information we provide is medically correct. It is with this knowledge, we are able to provide medically accurate information about pregnancy.

alexander-heazell stillbirth researcher

Dr Alexander Heazell

Patron & Medical Advisor

Dr Alexander Heazell is a clinical lecturer working at the Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre, University of Manchester. He became interested in Obstetrics (care of women in pregnancy, labour and after delivery) after his first son, Jack, was stillborn in 2001. “One of our research projects has shown that reduced fetal movement is linked to placental problems; yet often women are accused of fussing when they say their babies are moving less.” “In my role as a specialist in obstetrics, I am trying to raise awareness of this seemingly taboo subject. Stillbirth is about 10 times more common than cot death. Yet people know far more about cot death than stillbirths – everyone knows about the importance of laying a baby to sleep on its back, for example. So why the disparity? I believe it is because we are still not good enough at preventing stillbirths. Unlike cot death, which has declined dramatically, stillbirth rates are no better than they were 20 years ago. We don’t have all the answers and, in this modern age, we are very uncomfortable with that.” “After my son died, my first job as part of my GP training was in obstetrics and gynaecology. I told my manager that I wasn’t up to it psychologically. He just told me to get on with it. I’m glad he did. It’s my personal experience of loss that has motivated me to do the work I’m doing; as part of a maternal and fetal health team at Manchester University I’m researching different aspects of stillbirth, looking at both prevention and support for parents. I don’t have any other children but, at 34, I am hoping to start a family soon. But I’ll never forget my son. What happened all those years ago is something I still think about every day”.


KatieKatie Hilton

Midwife & Health Visitor

Katie Hilton is a Qualified Nurse, Midwife and Health Visitor, she has a total of 14 years experience. Katie has worked in all areas of midwifery and health visiting, including both the NHS and private sector. She also spent a number of years practicing Midwifery overseas in North America. Katie has a great passion for midwifery and health visiting and is an avid believer in abiding by a woman’s choice. She is very experienced and is able to offer advice on all aspects of pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Katie has provided various expert content for a wide variety of parenting publications including Mother & Baby, Prima Baby, Loved by Parents, Gurgle and Baby London. She also recently featured in a Sky TV documentary.


Amy McLernon

Health and Fitness Ambassadoramy mac stillbirth charity ambassador

Amy McLernon (Amy Mac) was on ITV’s the biggest loser in 2012 where she came in second place in the final dropping from a huge 19 stone to 12 stone 11 pounds. Amy is now a qualified gym instructor and personal trainer! Her transformation has been inspirational and she will now be looking to inspire others to follow in her footsteps as they take on personal challenges to raise money for our Kicks Count. Amy will be writing a personal blog of her journey in our healthy eating and fitness section as well as raising awareness of our physical fundraising challenges.

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