The Team

Elizabeth Hutton – CEO

“My main responsibilities include working with the department of Health & organisations such as SANDS, Tommys, RCOG, RCM & Surestart to bring about change in public health messaging for stillbirth, distributing our information through hospitals, bounty, events & social media, fundraising & events as well as the day to day running of the charity.”

Elizabeth, who took over the charity in 2012, caught the eye of the Prime Minister in 2015 and was awarded a Point of Light Award for her efforts to educate mums on baby movements in the UK.

Lisa – General manager

“I was first introduced to Kicks Count while I was pregnant with my daughter, my midwife regularly asked me about movement and recommended that I look up the campaign. I realised that the charity was based locally to me and I began volunteering not long after my daughter was born.

My role is a real “mixed bag” – which is great, as I enjoy that no day is ever the same! I work closely with the CEO, Elizabeth, and assist her with the overall day-to-day running of the charity. I’m also responsible for much of our social media, which is really fun, I am really fortunate to speak to amazing people every day via our Facebook page and other social media outlets.  I spend a lot of time talking to supportive businesses, arranging volunteers, answering general enquiries and juggling my two children.

Tracy – Fundraiser

“I heard about Kicks Count when my daughter was only 3 months old, I just could not imagine the heartache and pain of losing a baby so I wanted to get involved. I began collecting ‘rubbish’ off friends such as empty biscuit wrappers and used stamps to send off to raise cash for the charity, then I began helping with their fundraising programme. I look after our community fundraisers who organise their own events such as buggy walks, dress down days at work, have stalls at Christmas Fayres and baby sweepstakes.”

Sarah Anning – Administrator

“I first became aware of Kicks Count when my fellow school run Mummy Elizabeth (Hutton our CEO) was organising a large fun day to raise awareness and funds.  Her success on the day and the way she has steadily grown the charity and the awareness around stillbirths and movements in pregnancy is inspiring! I am delighted to now be part of the team as an administrator.  I am responsible for keeping the paperwork on point and making sure that we are adhering to all the rules of running a charity”

Kerry – Literature Distribution Manager

“I have been with Kicks Count since it first started.  I started out fulfilling the initial sticker and leaflet requests and as the charity grew I became Manager of the Literature Distribution team. Our team supplies literature to individuals, professionals, events, businesses and groups nationwide. We distribute thousands of items each month with new requests coming in all the time. A good portion of my role is responding to these requests as well as maintaining our distribution database. Along with many trips to the local Post Office, and caring for my 5 year old rainbow, the charity keeps me extremely busy!”

Sharon – Literature Distribution

“I was introduced to Kicks Count by my sister Kerry who is the Literature Distribution Manager. It was clear the charity was growing at an incredible rate and dealing with the requests for literature was no longer a ‘one (wo)man job so I stepped up to help. I now deal with the literature requests from the Medical and Professional groups which includes Trusts, hospitals , GP surgeries and Children’s Centres. It has been a privilege to watch Kicks Count grow and it is great to see more and more health professionals , not only supporting us but recommending our website and literature to so many mums-to-be.”

Krystal – Distributor

“I first came to find Kicks Count after suffering quite a large bleed late in pregnancy which resulted in me being hospitalised for a few days, with my rainbow baby. Her movements then changed which concerned me having lost a previous baby and led me to google and I came across a “local” charity, Kicks Count.

I followed Kicks Count on Facebook and when my rainbow was around 6 months became a recycling volunteer for my area. Some how this led to me helping in other parts of the charity and I now help to assist with distributing literature.

Having suffered my own loss, I want to help prevent any other parents feeling how I did and believe it is so important to get the message about monitoring baby’s movements out to every mum-to-be!

Jo – Coming soon

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