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Alex McGaffin Tells Her Story

Our daughter turns 2 on Christmas Eve. She is our second child, 4th pregnancy. We had 2 miscarriages before our son, Nathan, was born in January 2013.

Whilst we were aware of getting our 10 movements in during my pregnancy with Nathan, it wasn’t until we were expecting our daughter that I discovered your charity and the importance of knowing your baby’s pattern of movement.

After our losses I found being pregnant made me very anxious so focusing on movements helped me stay calm. It probably saved her life!

At 26 weeks she had a regular pattern of movement. Active in general but some calm times in the evening and mid morning. It was around this time I noticed she was being quiet irrespective of what I ate, drank or did to encourage her. I contacted my local midwife who were happy to get me in for a check up. After 2 of these incidences they sent me to PAU who were dismissive at first as I was only 28 weeks and she couldn’t possibly have a regular pattern and if I’d had my 10 movements she was fine! Thanks to Kicks Count I knew better and insisted on being monitored.

They discovered I had excessive fluid which contributed to my inability to feel her movements, along with an anterior placenta. They were concerned she had a blockage between her mouth and stomach which was causing the fluid to build up (polyhydramnious)

Over the next couple of months I was taken into PAU 6 times, on the 6th visit they decided to admit me, with a plan to observe and monitor for 48 hours before doing our elective section.

Getting a continuous trace on our little girl proved difficult, a scan showed big pockets of fluid and they were concerned even more. She was not a happy bunny and needed to come out at 37 weeks.

Fortunately our beautiful girl arrived safe and sound at 11.10am on Christmas Eve 2015, weighing 7lbs 11oz. She had a tube put down her throat in the NICU after birth to check for a blockage which was fine.

– Alex McGaffin

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