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Baby Lush – 3 Months On!


BABY LUSH- 3 MONTHS ONBaby Lush 3 months on: excuse to drink, self doubts, anxiety and better feelings than any first kiss can give.

Well well well it’s been 3 months since my last blog. Rubbish aren’t I?! I can assure you that I have most definitely not been laying on beaches in the Med or touring all football stadiums in the UK (though either sound appealing!). I have instead been busy ‘fathering’ – if it isn’t an official word I have now made it one!

Well where do I start – first of all I want it on record that George is a bloody gorgeous baby! I know what your thinking ‘all parents say that ‘ but I genuinely mean this – George is the most gorgeous of all babies. So gorgeous in fact it has made me look at the postman and milkman with a very cynical eye. His smiles melt my heart and every smile makes an about an hour of tantrums worth it I would say. So hopefully that gives you expectant fathers hope – the simple equation that the good outweighs the bad. One tip I would say to all new fathers to be is this – ( inspiration coming now of Baz Lurhmann standard ) : write down on paper all your memories from your life because trust me when I say as soon as your own ‘mini me’ comes along you will no longer remember life before them!

The first 3 months have been so surreal I almost feel like I’m constantly jet lagged or hangover – my wife has gently reminded me that feeling hungover even when not drinking doesn’t mean I am right with my man logic that I might as well drink all the time then!! These first three months have been some of the most anxious in my life I don’t mind admitting, even the strongest and surest of dads must feel this so prepare for it and accept it. You will constantly worry, it’s part of the ‘deal’ of being a father. All you can do, as I have slowly realised over the weeks, is cherish all the great moments and live for them. That feeling you get that your heart will burst when you show him off for the first time to friends and family, that warm fuzzy feeling that beats any first kiss when your baby smiles at you when they see or hear you. No one can prepare you for a being a father – you can go to antenatal classes, NCT, or make your internet history seem cleaner by simply googling ‘ how to be a father !’. By all means do as there is some useful stuff on there, and after baby is born everyone will have an opinion – ‘ do this and they will sleep better ‘ ‘don’t do this it will make them clingy ‘ and so on and so forth. My advice – in the words of the irrepressible Mrs Brown – feck them! (excuse my ‘slang’ French) . You may feel you haven’t a clue what to do, you may well fear you won’t be a good dad – let me say this to you now, there is good and bad news here. Bad news first, these feelings won’t go away – the good news ? Well the good news is that you will in fact be a good father because you will love your mini me like you’ve never loved before. That my friends, is a promise. And not a politician’s promise either. It’s an incredible journey, buckle up and enjoy.


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