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Cheeky Cheeky!

I feel compelled to write this blog after only one day of using cheeky wipes because I am so impressed. However as I write during night feeds it’s actually been written over a few days now, ok now it’s weeks. The sentiment is still the same.

I just cleaned up my daughters poo explosion in the dark with one wipe… one wipe!! I should add she’s just started weaning so the poo is even more disgusting than you can imagine. I never thought I’d miss a kind of poo but I miss pure breastfed poos. Come back you sweet smelling faeces, all is forgiven.

Cheeky wipes are reusable wipes. You get 25 wipes In a pack and 2 clever boxes, one fresh and one mucky. You fill each box with water and add a drop of the corresponding essential oil. When you put the clean wipes in the fresh box they soak up all that lovely water and smell like those little warm towels you get somewhere posh to freshen up. Once you’ve used a wipe you put it in the mucky box which is also lined with a drawstring net bag. This means when you’re ready to wash them, the wipes have already been soaked and you also don’t need to touch them. You just remove the drawstring bag and chuck it in the washing machine. Repeat. They also come with two little travel pouches. A drawstring bag for fresh and one for mucky. The mucky bag has a net bag inside that unzips so you don’t need to touch the mucky stuff just like the box. Genius.

When I saw these being demonstrated at baby show I heard one woman say “how are they different to using a flannel”. Not sure about you but I don’t have 25 flannels kicking around the place and the clean and fresh boxes and bags just make the hygiene side of things a lot easier. The essential oils make them smell nice and they’re soft but very absorbent. Excellent for wiping not just bottoms but also a broccoli purée (substitute any vegetable here) face masks after eating!

Aside from how effectively they clean up muck they’re also much better for the environment. Also no dangers of your hand going through the wipe which has happened to me with disposables. Oh what fresh hell is this? Not only am I wiping up poo but now it’s under my fingernail! I’ll always be amazed at just how much mess such a small person can create.

The main challenge with cheeky wipes is being able to say the name around the house without impersonating two Romanian twins from Pop Stars – The Rivals (I feel old!) If you can say “I’ll just get a cheeky wipe” without following it with “cheeky cheeky”, hats off to you. You’re a stronger person than I.

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