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Dad’s are useless?

Dad’s are useless right? Surely you do not need a dad in today’s world. At least this is what this dad is led to believe, or am I wrong?

This is a question I have been asking myself for about a year now after the arrival of my beautiful baby boy, and not for the reasons you may think.

So what has led me to ask this question? Media and retailers mainly. Let me explain.

I started to get a bit of a niggle when I was shopping in a high street chain in my local town for a baby bib. Looking through the small collection, I came across a nice pack of 5 with an eye catching design suited for my little lad, so I picked them up and went through the collection of 5 in the multi-buy pack… dinosaurs, aeroplanes and teddy bears featured heavily, the usual designs and a “I love my mummy”. Great I thought, the last one must be a “I love my Daddy” but I was shocked to discover it was a car.

This got my attention perked. So I looked through all the other bibs to see if this was a one off. I saw lots of “I love mummy” bibs but out of a small selection of 6 multi-packs, 3 for girls, 3 for boys, none of which had any mention of Dad’s.

This got me thinking and needing to buy the bibs, I asked the kind lady at the checkout about this and her reaction was also one of realisation that she had none in nor remember having any in for a long period of time.

This could not possibly be the case with the other retailers right?! Locally at least, this was the same elsewhere which led to my partner getting a “I love my Daddy” bib specially made for my little man online… which was super cute we both thought.

Let’s get brainy for a bit. There is something known as the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon. A common example of this is buying a new car then noticing alot more of them on the road. This is what was happening to me over the last year, and realising this, I am being careful in this post, not to be bias.

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