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The Devil Wears…Practical Workwear

Time is ticking away and as yet I haven’t really bought anything for the baby. Sounds incredibly selfish I know. Sort yourself out why don’t you?! I started a new job last week and as vain as it sounds, I needed me and bump to look the part. I know I’ve done a clothes related blog before but clearly those pricey stretchy threads are important to me!

I needed maternity workwear and it will come as no surprise that it’s hard to find! Especially these days in a modern office, it’s not just sling on a trouser suit anymore, most career women look like models on the cover of Cosmo or Vogue. Naturally in my first week I didn’t want to look casual, you almost want to be too smart. That’s been my mission over the last few weekends with mixed success!

IMG_6644Again Jojo Maman Bebe came to the rescue with many of my outfits although I will say the fabric on the most part creases like Gordon Ramsays forehead. I’m not an ironer. My friend Sarah who literally irons everything has never fully understood how I can wash, dry and wear my clothes without them passing under that hot steamy plate of wonder. I’m not sure either, but I’ve survived this long. I think I’m finally growing up though and creases are not ‘in’ (this phase won’t last; it’ll last as long as when I decided I would wash my car every other weekend). So I ironed my top before work and stepped out the door feeling like an empowered professional taking on the world. Then I got in my car, and put on my special bump belt, not realising my top was completed scrunched in a ball on my lap. When I got to my new workplace I stepped out my car and naturally checked myself out in any reflection I could find and I’ve never wanted Sarah by my side with an iron in her hand as much in my life. I tried to button up my blazer to cover it but with my bump getting in the way it just looked horrendous. I looked like Verruca from Willy Wonka when she turns into a blueberry. Lovely top, poor fabric! I will continue to wear it because it’s so nice looking but I’ll just have to sit like the queen on her throne when I drive.

IMG_6642I got a dress from Jojo too which is a nursing dress with little nipple holes on the under bit which do make me chuckle when I put it on (grow up Cat), but then it wraps around and is very flattering. Again material a little creasy but lovely, versatile dress. Jojo sizes are completely random so if you can find a store, go visit but if not, be prepared to exchange. In one pair of trousers I’m an 10, in jeans a 12, an 8 pencil skirt is too big, a small t shirt fits perfectly, a small blouse is too small, a medium jumper is massive. This can sometimes make it a really amazing shopping experience when you’re 2 sizes smaller than normal but the opposite can also happen so prepare your shopping partner for the tears when you’re 3 sizes up and then all you want to eat is cake but you can’t because you’re wailing “I’m so fat”.

Whilst finding the right size is a challenge, it’s worth it. I’ve not walked down the street and seen my top on someone else. Whereas if I had a pound for every time I’ve seen my favourite stripy H&M T shirt on someone else I’d be able to pay Gordon Ramsay to come to my house and do my ironing.

IMG_6640Elizabeth Brown also have some nice items, not specifically workwear but if you team the right tops with the right trousers you can make it smart enough for work. I’ve got some lovely fitting black trousers and a few t shirt tops that I’ll dress up with a blazer and jewellery. I would also recommend their exercise wear; yoga pants, harem pants and t shirts are very comfy and I’ve also found exercise wear a bit tricky to find so there’s a tip off for you. I did find the sizes come up a little big so don’t order bigger than your actual size just because it’s maternity, go for the same or if you’re an inbetweener like me, go a size below.

I also bought 1 pair of maternity PJ’s and holy high waistband batman, they are the business! Those were from mothercare in the sale, best purchase ever. I thought they were unnecessary because my old ones still fit but it’s not just about them fitting, it’s about you being more comfortable as pregnancy gets more uncomfortable.

I don’t imagine this will be the end of my maternity wear shopping so I would love to hear where you’ve found some great items!

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