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Fay’s children’s fancy dress ball

In September, Fay is undertaking a big fundraising trek for Kicks Count. She is trekking 23 miles along the Jurassic Coast over two days!

As part of her trek fundraising, Fay is organising a Children’s Fancy Dress Ball on Saturday 30 April 2-5pm at Asfordby Amatuers Sports & Social Club, Hoby Road, Asfordby. There is a children’s disco & entertainment such as face painting, a sweet stall, games, a raffle and prizes for best fancy dress. Tickets are £2 per child and £1 per adult.

She is hoping to raise £350 from this ball, so please do support Fay if you can!

Sadly, the reason that Fay is supporting the charity is one that we hear far too often. She explains why she is supporting us on her JustGiving page:

“On the 1st December 2008, Harrison Robert Davies was born, unfortunately, he had already died inside my tummy.  Some may be familiar with the term “stillborn” some may not; it was not a term we had heard until that moment.

I hate having to tell people that Harrison was stillborn.  I hate the term and I hate the fact that this may have been avoided if my midwives were more aware of the importance of monitoring baby’s movement, particularly in labour.  I was told on a number of occasions that the baby will move less as it prepares for labour, especially when contractions start.  So, when on Sunday 30th November when my contractions started and my baby’s movements slowed down, I didn’t think anything was wrong.  Sadly, Harrison died at some point that day and we don’t know why.”

To sponsor Fay in her trek, you can visit her JustGiving page at

For more information about this fundraising event, please contact Fay at



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