We want to keep up our life saving work until everyone in the UK knows about baby movement and stillbirth is rare.  Things are getting better, but there is a long, long way to go. We simply wouldn’t exist without the support of the people who help us, here are some ways that you can do it:


Run for us
Thank you for your interest in running for Kicks Count! You don’t have to be Mo Farrah to participate in a running event, there are events all across the UK and you can take things at your own pace. From marathons to fun runs and muddy assault courses, there really is something to suit every ability.

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Cycle for us
If you register to cycle for us we will support you all the way and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to save little lives!

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Take part in a Challenge Event
There are many exciting ways to raise funds such as international treks, skydiving, swimming and many more

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Recycle biscuit wrappers
We can take any brand of sweet (not savoury) individual wrappers and outer packaging. you can send these to

Kicks Count Recycling Team
14 Holmer Street
Hereford HR4 0HS

What can I recycle?
There are lots of items we can recycle such as baby food pouches, cleaning products as well as clothes and stamps.

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Send us your used stamps
You can send your used stamps free to Fundraising stamps. As a stamp collector he pays us £11 per kilo for all stamps stamps

Order a Freepost envelope

Corporate Fundraising
Why not ask your employer to make Kicks Count their chosen charity for the year? This is a great way for us to get funds and events like dress down days can go towards the pot.

The Leicester office of AXA PPP Health Insurance selected Kicks Count as their 2015 charity of the year and they had some fantastic events throughout the year, including a staff BBQ, St George’s Day dress down day, cake sales and they even sold our wristbands and other shop goodies throughout the year.

Sign up for Give as you Earn through Charities Aid foundation and donate some of your salary before tax

Organise your own event
If you would like to organise your own event we will offer you lots of support. You can email us at or visit our dedicated page for more information

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A-Z of fundraising ideas

Looking for ideas for fundraising? We have put together a comprehensive list of ideas!


Baby Shower Ideas
Forbidden Word

Choose a word such as ‘baby’ that guests are not allowed to say for the duration of the baby shower. Every time someone mentions the forbidden word they must pay a fine (maybe 50p). All the fines are then donated to the charity

Guess the size

Everyone pays to enter (maybe £1) and guesses the circumference of the mother’s belly. Whoever guesses the closest wins half the money, the other half is donated to the charity The game can be adapted to take in any guessing element (weight of the baby at birth, time of birth etc)

Lucky Squares

You can email to request your lucky squares sheet. Simply print the squares and sell them for £2 each. Choose the winner to receive a percentage of the pot (usually 25-50%), the remainder is donated to kicks count


If you would like to make a donation or pay in money you’ve raised you can donate in a number of ways.


What happens to money I raise?

We have a number of projects to ensure mums are made aware of their baby’s movements. We produce over 1.7 million leaflets, in English, Polish and Welsh, that are distributed through Bounty Packs and midwives.

We produce maternity note pages and stickers.

We run our website that ensures mum searching for movement information online can find the correct information and not outdated information that may prove harmful.

We attend the 3 Clarion Baby Show events that allows us to reach 70,000 mums as well as the Royal College of Midwives Conference where we meet over 700 midwives.

We have developed a mobile app to allow mums to keep track of their baby’s movements

This is where your money goes…

  • Just £5 allows us to print enough leaflets for midwives to hand to 350 mums
  • £60 allows us to send 10 midwives “Kicks Count packs” so that they can spread the word to all the mums they meet
  • £1,000 allows us to redevelop our phone app which is free for expectant mothers to download and keep track of their baby’s movements
  • £1,700 allows us to have a stand at the Royal College of Midwives conference to get over 700 midwives to pass our information to mums

Amanda stall
Do you want to help us pass on our message?

Our Facebook, Twitter pages are website is free to use, so please help spread the message, as much as you can.

Awareness saves lives!

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