A-Z of fundraising

Looking at helping raise some money for Kicks Count? Thank you! Are you stuck for fundraising ideas? Why not get some fab and easy fundraising ideas below! Please do email fundraising@kickscount.org.uk for any help or advice you may need.

We also have a page dedicated with some resources to help advertise your fundraising, just click this link.

Arts and Crafts
Organise a colouring competition which children pay a small fee to enter with a prize for the best picture.
Buggy walk
Round up a group of friends and get sponsored to walk with your buggies and littl’uns.
Coffee Morning and Cake sale
At baby/toddler group, church, work or school, charge a small fee for some cake treats.
Dress down/non-school uniform day
Simply ask colleagues or school mates to pay £1 for the privilege of dressing down for the day.
Fill a jar with mini eggs and ask people to guess how many are in there – whoever guesses correctly wins the jar!
Christmas Fayres, school fetes…grab a stall and fundraise for Kicks Count!
Guess the baby
Ask colleagues at work or parents at toddler group to bring in a baby photo of themselves. Everyone then pays to enter to guess who, with the winner receiving a small prize.
Hair raising
Ask friends to sponsor you to shave your head or grow extra facial hair for a month.
Indoor games
Charge an entry fee for a children’s obstacle course or have a games night with friends and have ‘fines’ for knocking down the Jenga tower or being sent to Jail in Monopoly!
Jumble Sale
Set up a table in your nursery or work, ask people to donate their unwanted items and sell them.
Football, karate…get sponsored to kick as much as you can.
Loose change collection
Request one of our cardboard collection boxes to collect people’s loose change. Just 2p would fund one leaflet for an expectant mother.
Run 26.2 miles for Kicks Count! Email teamctk@kickscount.org.uk to get some help and idea’s
Nearly new sale
Hire a hall then ask friends or advertise for stall holders to sell unwanted baby and toddler clothes and toys. Charge stall holders for a table and also a small entry fee. Make more money through selling refreshments and holding a raffle.
Onesie day
Babies look so cute in their onesie sleepsuits, get everyone to dress up in their onesies and make a donation. At work, on a sponsored walk, at toddler group…wear your onesie anywhere!
Pregnancy/Baby Show
Either ask for a stall at an upcoming local baby show, or organise your own! Hire a hall and invite local businesses who offer yoga, baby sensroy hypnobirthing, feet impressions, photographers and nurseries.
Quiz night
Would your local pub organise one for Kicks Count?
Washing up liquid bottle tops, used stamps, biscuit wrappers, ink cartridges…they can raise funds for Kicks Count!
Jump from a plane all in the name of charity. Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Charge a small fee to enjoy a picnic with your favourite teddy bear.
Uniform free day
Similar to a dress down day!
Helping at baby shows, collecting recycling, cheering at runs, we appreciate all help!
Walking or trekking
We have challenges for you! X-factor competition. Hold a talent show and charge a small entry fee.
Ask your local instructor to hold a special event where you wiggle away.


Please email fundraising@kickscount.org.uk to discuss any of your ideas and see how we can help.