Organising your own event

Thank you so much for considering organising your own event for Kicks Count. We have an A-Z of fundraising ideas that you may wish to get inspiration from. If you have any questions at all or want to share your fundraising ideas with us, please email

Once you have your event planned, please fill in this registration form so that we know all your details. You can even order fundraising materials such as balloons, posters, t-shirts, collection tins, etc.

Before you organise your fundraising event, you may want to ask yourself these questions to help plan the event.



What type of event do you want to do? What budget do you want to set? What health and safety matters may you need to consider? What do you want to achieve by doing this event? What resources do you need (tents, training plans, etc)


Who are you inviting to the event? Who do you need to help at the event? Who are you targeting for the event? Who do you need to ask for permission to hold the event? Who is a local celebrity or business owner that could help?


What time of day is best for your event? Is it best to hold at a weekend or a weekday? What time of year is best? If you’re doing a run or cycle, have you got enough time to train?


Why are you holding this event; your reason for doing this event on a personal level as this will be your motivation to continue! Trying to lose weight or get fit and doing a challenge event? This event WILL help Kicks Count, but are you trying to raise funds or raise awareness of our charity. We can help!


Where is the best venue to hold your event? Where will people park? If you are running or cycling, where do you want to do it, local or far away? Where will you promote your event?

Marketing your event

Every event is different and will require varying marketing activities. Here are some ideas:

Leaflets and posters – Use our poster to advertise your event. Print and put up in libraries, at work, in schools, children’s centres, churches to spread the word.

Newspaper – Use our template below to compose an email for your local newspaper. Why not also try any other local magazines!

Social Media – Create an ‘event page’ on facebook. Post on local selling pages and mum’s sites. Ask people to retweet on twitter.

Radio – Email or phone your local radio station with details of your event!

What’s On Websites – Google your town name and “what’s on” to see lots of event diaries you could list on. Try your local Council board, Gumtree events, mumsnet and wherecanwego

Template press release

[Town/City e.g. Birmingham] resident [fundraisers’s name] is organising a XX and helping raise funds for UK pregnancy charity Kicks Count.
Kicks Count is one of the UK’s leading pregnancy charities which aims to drastically reduce the number of families that experience the tragedy of still birth in the UK which currently stands at 17 babies every day. By educating expectant mums on the importance of monitoring their baby’s movements, the charity aim to help to cut this number by at least a third and help expectant mothers have more healthy pregnancies.
[name of fundraiser] said: “I am organising a XXX for Kicks Count on XX at XX, because XXXX.”
If you would like further information on Kicks Count, there is a wealth of information on their website and Facebook pages:

Keeping it safe and legal

Most events that people organise or take part in are perfectly safe and straight forward, but here are a few things to think about to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Posters and charity branding

You are more than welcome to use our poster template. If you producing your own poster or leaflet, please ensure that you include the following statement – “Event organised in aid of  Kicks Count, registered charity number 1145073”. Once designed, please email to for us to check.

Risk Assessment

These are not as scary as they sound! Just take a few minutes to think about the “what if’s” and jot down some notes. What if someone was hurt, how do I help them? What if the weather was really bad, would I cancel the event? What if not enough volunteers arrive, could I cope? How can I keep the money safe? Are there cars or heavy machinery around, how can I limit the risks of injury? How can I ensure food hygiene is complied with?


Think about how much money (if any) this event will cost you to put on. Will you need to pay for adverts or leaflets, is there anyone that can help you fund items?

Money handling

Tins must always be safely secured and have the charity registration number on. To order an official charity collection tin, please email You should never shake a bucket or tin for donations as it is perceived as begging and illegal. For your own safety and to protect yourself against false accusations, always ensure that you count money in pairs.


If you are organising a collection or want to hand out leaflets, you will need permission from the person who owns that land.

Food Hygiene

If you are organising a cake sale or having a BBQ at your event, try to have someone who has a Food Hygiene Certificate. Never handle food and money with the same hand and wear gloves where you can. Visit for more advice.


You are responsible for your own activity and Kicks Count cannot accept liability for any fundraising activity or event you undertake. If your event involves the general public you’ll need to budget for public liability insurance, which can be obtained from any insurer.


If you hold a small raffle at your event, you do not need a licence. All ticket sales and the draw take must take place during the main event. Tickets must be sold for the same price with no discounts applied. Visit for more advice.

Alcohol and Entertainment

If you are planning on selling alcohol, providing entertainment (music, dancing, sporting event) or serving hot food between 11pm and 5am at a venue where they do not usually do this (e.g. having a disco night at your local village hall and selling your own alcohol, where the hall does not have a bar), you will need to apply to your local Council for a Temporary Events Notice. Visit for more details.

How we can help you...

We are all absolutely delighted that you want to fundraise for us and we’d love to support you in any way possible. Here are some ideas of how we can help you:

Press releases

For help and advice on contacting your local newspaper or radio station, please email Katy at

Fundraising materials

We have balloons, collection tins and posters that we can send you. Please do bear in mind that we are a small charity with limited resources and these items do cost us money, so only order what you really need and return anything you do not use.

Awareness leaflets

Awareness saves lives. If you can distribute leaflets to pregnant women, please email to request leaflets to distribute.

Sponsor forms

Contact for a sponsor form. Why not fundraise online by using JustGiving? Friends sponsor you online with a credit or debit card, meaning you don’t have to chase them for their pledges. Plus the money is paid directly into our bank account so you don’t have to worry about collecting cash. You can even set up your own text giving code!

How to pay in your funds

Once you have raised your money, please pay it in to Kicks Count as soon as possible so that we can put it to good work quickly. You can pay in via:


Make cheques payable to Kicks Count and post to Kicks Count, 221 Carters Mead, Harlow, Essex, CM17 9EX.

Bank paying-in

Email for details on how to pay in directly to our HSBC bank account.


Visit our Donate page to pay in your funds with a credit or debit card.