Skydive for Kicks Count

page 6 - skydivingHow would you like to jump 10,000 foot from a plane and fall through the clouds at 120 miles per hour? Kicks Count are looking for daredevils to do just this!

A tandem skydive is the most popular type of jump, where you are strapped to a British Parachute Association qualified instructor who will take care of you during your jump, meaning you can just relax and enjoy the scenery.

Jumps happen daily throughout the UK and you only need 30 minutes of training before your jump then you are ready to go!

If you can pledge to raise £395 for Kicks Count, then we will pay for your tandem skydive for you. It’s easy to do by setting up a JustGiving page and collecting your sponsors online. You can even set up a text code so people can sponsor you via texting. We will even give you a t-shirt to wear on the day over your jump suit to help spread the Kicks Count message from the skies!

Parachute mapThere are many jump sites throughout the UK; check out the Skyline website for more details about where the locations are and any weight limits the airfield may have. You need to be aged over 16 to skydive and anyone aged over 40 or who has certain medical conditions will need a form signed by their doctor before taking part.

Book online today or email for more information.