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Home Doppler Campaign: The Timeline

In recent months have been campaigning for the ban of the sales of home dopplers in the UK as another step towards reducing the number of tragic preventable stillbirths. We’ve put together, and will keep adding to, the following timeline of notable dates from this campaign. If you’d like to find out more about why we would like to ensure mums aren’t using these devices, please read this article.



12th April: Petition created.


9th May: Our CEO takes part in a Facebook Live Video to discuss issues surrounding home dopplers.


– 20th June: Mary Ross-Davie from The Royal College of Midwives discourages mums from using home dopplers on Channgel 5 news.


– 21st June: Bereaved mother Vicki McNelly tells her daughter Evie’s story on Channel 5 news to raise awareness.


– 26th June: Support received from Huntleigh Diagnostic Products


– 10th July: Retail giant Mothercare announce they will discontinue the sale of home dopplers once their existing stocks run out.


– 12th July: Kicks CEO Elizabeth Hutton and bereaved mother Vicki McNelly appear on BBC Breakfast. Vicki telling Evie’s story and speaks out in support of the campaign.


– 12th July: – The petition, with over 13,000 signatures, is delivered to Downing Street by our CEO Elizabeth, Press Officer Katy, Patron Emma Crosby and supporter Vicki McNelly.


– 14th July: pledges support for the ban and removes all doppler products from their website. They also remove the ability to compare prices on dopplers with immediate effect.


– 18th July: Our CEO meets with baby loss campaigner Antionette Sandbach MP at the House of Parliament to discuss ban.


– 10th October: Antionette Sandwich MP reads 10-minute rule motion proposal in Parliament. The motion is passed unanimously.


– 31st October: Doppler campaign featured on BBC Radio Sussex, including interview with supporter and blogger Gemma from Somewhere After The Rainbow.


– 1st November: Doppler campaign featured on BBC Radio Wiltshire.


Forthcoming Events


19th January 2018 – Second bill reading in the House of Parliament.

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