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I’m Kicking it for Count the Kicks!

Hands up who has New Year’s Resolutions for 2016? Who’s involves kicking a bad eating habit or lifestyle? I do! So let’s make these resolutions Count and Kick It for Count the Kicks!

Above is a photo of me so happy and proud after completing a LONG 25km trek around London for Count the Kicks in September. The sense of achievement is amazing, so let’s join together this year and achieve great things!

Who ate too much over Christmas? I certainly did! Too much socialising before Christmas too and I know that I need to ‘be good’ now. So I am going to Kick my couch potato lifestyle for Count the Kicks and one of my New Year’s Resolutions is therefore to sign up for the Royal Parks Half Marathon on 9 October 2016 and raise funds for them. That gives me 10 months to train up to do 13.1 miles. Progress might be slow at the beginning of the year with bad weather, but I got a new iPhone running arm band and running socks for Christmas and I’m determined to use them soon! There are lots of 5k and 10k runs taking place later in the year, why not check out the Count the Kicks running webpage for some ideas.

Not a runner? Or have a different habit to kick? Our Kick it for Count the Kicks webpage has lots of other ideas such as:

Kick alcohol/chocolate/cake/crisps for a month – over indulged at Christmas? Give up alcohol, chocolate or something else ‘naughty’ for a month and get sponsored to do so.

Kick your weight in to shape – gained a few pounds over Christmas? Still have some baby weight to lose? Get sponsored pounds for Count the Kicks to lose the pounds!

Kick smoking – get sponsored to quit the cigarettes in the New Year.

Kick a fear of heights – why not really challenge yourself and sign up for a skydive this year? Visit our skydiving page for information about throwing yourself 10,000 foot from a plane!

Whatever habit you need to kick, then Kick It for Count the Kicks and let’s get 2016 off to a flying start. Get in touch with me (Tracy) on to tell me what you’re doing or for advice or help.

THANK YOU for your support and Happy New Year.

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