Maternity Note Page Inserts & RFM Alert Stickers


We are thrilled to be able to offer Maternity Note Inserts and RFM Alert Stickers to trusts across the UK – completely free of charge.

The maternity note page insert is designed to give mums information in a place that is always accessible to them, as well as being a useful place for medical professionals to note down details of admissions for reduced fetal movement.   The page contains important information on baby movement including that home dopplers are not recommended and dispels common myths about movement. To compliment the page we also have RFM alert stickers which can be used to highlight previous visits for concerns over fetal movement.

The accompanying stickers were designed to compliment the page and can be used to highlight previous visits by being placed on the front of antenatal notes after mums visit. The reason that we felt this was important is because women who report numerous episodes of reduced movement are more likely to have a poor perinatal outcome; we felt using these stickers could help health professionals spot quickly that someone is having concerns frequently.






feedback3aIf you would like to place an order for your trust please complete the following form and we’ll be in touch – we recommend that you order a supply that will last around 6 months. If you would like to order examples, please email

Please note we can only send to work addresses and they are only available to midwives and other maternity medical professionals to order.