Movement awareness week 2-9 November 2015


This week marks the start of our Baby Movement Awareness Week. Statistics from a recent poll carried out by us shows that many myths about baby movements are still prevalent in the UK. By eradicating these myths we can help reduce the current stillbirth and neonatal death rates.

49% still believe that, during pregnancy, babies should move 10 times in 24 hours and 19% believe that babies slow down in the womb at the end of pregnancy – but this fact is wrong

In a poll of nearly 12,000 people, results showed that 49% still believe that, during pregnancy, babies should move 10 times in 24 hours and 19% believe that babies slow down in the womb at the end of pregnancy. Both of these facts are false. However, the poll also showed that those people that knew about the charity and its work were better informed.

In fact, all babies’ movements are different – there is no set movement pattern for unborn babies. Mums-to-be are advised to get to know the pattern of their own baby’s movements which should continue right up to birth. If those movements slow down, then they should seek the advice of a medical professional.

Launching the campaign Elizabeth Hutton, CEO of Kicks Count said:

“Although stillbirth is becoming a less taboo subject for discussion with an upcoming stillbirth storyline on Channel 4 Soap, Hollyoaks showing that society is more open to discussing these issues openly, our survey shows that there is still a lot of work to be done to educate people about spotting the signs that their unborn baby may be in distress. By monitoring their baby’s movements, mums to be can help to take control of their pregnancy and spot danger signs when they arise.

Kicks Count was set up to help reduce the number of women who go through the tragedy of stillbirth – currently 16 every single day. We aim to educate mums to be about pregnancy so that they understand their baby’s movements and seek advice if they are concerned. Our advice is that if they become aware of any changes in their baby’s movement pattern they should speak to a healthcare professional as soon as possible – do not rely on the advice of internet forums or well-meaning friends and family.”

Channel 4 Soap, Hollyoaks will be featuring a moving storyline on stillbirth in their 3 November edition of the programme on C4. The actress Jennifer Metcalf who plays Mercedes in the show said:

“I’m honoured to have been given this storyline to raise awareness of such an important cause. Kicks Count is a fantastic charity, which aims to teach expectant mothers about noticing changes in their pregnancy to reduce the risk of stillbirth. Mercedes has already been through so much tragedy in her life, but the death of her son will show a much more fragile side to her character. The scripts are brilliantly written by Anna Clements and with the help of Kicks Count I was able to really understand what Mercedes is going through. I hope the storyline will help dispel the myths about stillbirth and make it easier for people to talk about.”

Holly Willoughby who fronted the charity’s poster campaign last year said:

“I’m delighted to see how much Kicks Count has grown over the last year since they appeared with me on ITV’s “Surprise, Surprise”. Although much has been done in that year to highlight the issue of stillbirth, this new campaign from the charity highlights just how much further there still is to go to get the message out about the simple things that mums to be can do to help prevent stillbirth. By monitoring baby’s movements, expectant mums can get to know when their baby may be in distress and can seek professional medical advice before it is too late. Let’s make sure that this message is spread far and wide and helps to save lives.”


If you would like to help raise awareness there are many ways you can help.

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We are so thrilled with the response to Awareness Week!  We have reached millions and had an extra 10,000 followers on Facebook in just one week. We have really pleased to have also been featured in lots of national press – if you’d like to read some of the articles, you can find them below.

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