When to Call your Midwife

Always call your midwife…

Kicks Count Wristband

Use this band to record whats ‘Normal’ movements for your baby 🙂

If you can can tick one or more from this list then call your midwife,

  • If you notice a change in your baby’s normal movement pattern
  • If you have any itching or a rash
  • If you have a temperature or fever
  • If you have any pain including headaches
  • If your vision becomes blurred or you see colours or patches
  • If your hands or feet become swollen or painful
  • If you have any fluid loss or bleeding
  • If you have pain passing urine
  • If you have a “bad feeling” or feel uneasy in any way

If your unsure still please call your Midwife, you are not wasting their time.