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Pillow Talk

I’m led to believe I’ll get very little sleep once baby arrives. I know this, but I don’t think you really know just how little until it happens. Somehow you mummy’s all manage so I’ll stock up on prosecco too … I presume that’s how you get through it?

With that prospect looming I’m really appreciating sleep right now. However, some nights it’s easier said than done. Some people say it’s my body preparing me for when the baby arrives … what a load of rubbish. My body wants sleep, I can hear it! It’s not telling me to skip sleep now so I’ll be used to it in 3 months! Apologies if you remember saying that to me but some people do come out with some corkers.

Sleeping whilst pregnant can be tricky for many reasons. My reasons are it’s hard to find a comfortable sleeping position, I have lots of random dreams/nightmares that wake me up and baby likes to kick me at night.



To help with the comfort side of things I purchased a pregnancy pillow. I went with a DreamGenie after reading rave reviews online. It’s available in lots of places but I found it cheapest in John Lewis. It looks white like it doesn’t have a cover on it and next to it they sell covers for £15 (so pricey because it’s shaped like the lovechild of a dinosaur and a snake) but in fact the pillow does come with a cover so don’t feel you have to buy one. However, having tried to put said cover on the pillow I would recommend buying a spare anyway because getting that on was like trying to stuff a sausage back into its skin and if you like a clean pillow like me you’ll be grateful for a spare.

I must admit, I’m not really using the dream genie as intended. It has a long sausage bit on one side to put between your legs and under bump, then a flat bit under your back and then a little small pillow on the other side to support your back. This is really comfy as long as you don’t intend to move. Granted I won’t be able to move soon but right now I find I have to properly wake up to change sides and reposition my pillow. I can’t be bothered with that and it’s disturbing my sleep so I just sleep with it between my legs and under my bump, forgetting the back bit. If you’re going to do that you might as well buy a different one that looks like a V shape and is less challenging to put a pillow case on! There are other pillows around that look like a giant marshmallow man would be sharing your bed which means your other half sleeps on the sofa and you have to have your head on that pillow too. The dream genie and the V ones you still use your own pillow and I’m very protective of my pillows!

My best friend Sarah can testify that I turn up at her house with my own pillow. Yes, I’m THAT person.

The bonus of these pregnancy pillows is you can use them after pregnancy as a feeding pillow so bear that in mind when you’re choosing yours. Anywhere we can save pennies is worth it since baby gear is ridiculously priced.


Nelly Nightlight

It’s almost time to start decorating the nursery, I’m very excited about this prospect. I have starting buying for it already even though we haven’t even chosen a colour yet. I received a Nelly Nightlight which is a star projector and plays lullabies. I love the look of it, modern and sleek, shaped like an elephant and projects stars on the walls and ceiling in various colour options. You can choose whether to play lullabies at the same time or to just project the stars. I’ve actually based the theme of the nursery around this little gem. It’s currently being used in our room (#confessionsofaweirdo) and I can’t really explain why, I just like it. It switches itself off after a set time and I really should save the batteries now!


Crane Humidifier

To go with this, I was also given a Crane Humidifier.  Also shaped like an elephant (can you see a pattern emerging here)? I hadn’t thought to get a humidifier; it wasn’t on my list of must haves but upon talking to my friends who have children they said the wish they’d had one. Help clear little ones of sniffs and sneezes. It’s small, cute and quiet and fits in with the décor of the room. Even if you’re not going elephant mad like me, it would complement any nursery design really. It’s pale grey and inoffensive in appearance. Much nicer than having a bog standard white box in the room.

Both the Nelly Nightlight and the Crane Humidifier can be bought at Argos or Babies R Us.


Breathable Baby Toy

Lastly on the sleep theme, I was given a breathable baby toy. Sounds a bit OTT maybe, I’m not sure whether it is or not but I was given one and it was cute, cuddly and safe for baby. Win win win. Don’t worry, I’m not sleeping with that as well as projecting childish stars all over my room. Although I have read that if you do buy your little one a stuffed toy, it’s not a bad idea to sleep with it before baby arrives. Supposedly it then smells like you and is more comforting for the baby. Oh go on then! I can’t argue with science now can I?


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