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Prepare for the Return of the Elf!

It’s almost time for the mischevious Elf on the Shelf to make his (or her) return. If you’d like a couple of ideas of what yours can get up to, these are our favourite finds!

Silly string: There’s little in life more fun than a silly string fight, is there? Quick, easy and messy enough for the kids to LOVE it!

Idea from @myelfbellybelle on Instagram.

Marshmallow igloo: These cheeky elves are great at making toys – and sweet-tasting igloos!

Idea from @rookster17 on Instagram.

Copier antics: What a cheeky elf! This home copier trick is bound to raise some giggles.

Idea from @rubys_elf_buddy on Instagram.

Swing: Fancy waking up to an Elf swinging in your doorway? The Elf above is holding a “Good Morning” sign, for a super start to the day!

Idea from

Bonkers brekkie: Taking inspiration from Buddy the Elf, this elf is enjoying a wholesome breakfast of spaghetti, jelly beans, marshmallows and golden syrup!

Idea from

Sand Angels: No snow? No problem! Elves enjoy making sand angels just the same!

Idea from scout elf_ziggy on Instagram

If you don’t yet have an Elf and would like to join in the fun, this set has everything you need to get started with the magical My Little Elf Tradition. Available from Belo & Me and currently on sale, the set includes:

  •  25cm (sitting) original elf toy
  • Introductory scene setting letter from Santa
  • Elf passport
  • 2 x behaviour charts
  • Elf report card
  • Chocolate coins
  • Instructions and elf antics ideas

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