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Preparing to be a trapeze artist!

I am now at the stage (13 days to due date) where I am asking myself: How much room have I got in my little brain (people who know me shut up)?! I’ve started a brand new role at work which is taking up all my energy and devotion between 9-7, then when work stops i have a dalek-esque ‘pregnancy pregnancy pregnancy’ focus. My brain is hurting, wifey has the painful body and I have the painful brain 🙂 balancing work and a heavily pregnant wife is a tough job – I feel like I’m permanently auditioning to be a trapeze artist .

I’m so busy I started this while waiting for eggs to boil – it’s amazing what you can do in three minutes. This pregnancy is Testamount to that .

When I mention that my work is absorbing my little brain I don’t want you thinking ‘ the heartless so and so , he should be constantly thinking of wife and unborn ‘ – truth be known I haven’t looked at my phone so much with a mixture of excitement and pure fear since my dating days. I’m sure fathers to be constant charging of their phone is responsible for most of electrical surges we have.

It’s just a waiting game now, God willing baby is ready and safe for labour so what is he / she waiting for ?! Clearly either lazy ( my genes ) or stubborn ( her genes ). Going to bed every night wondering if I could be aroused and then slept derived at any moment in the night is something you don’t relate to marriage ( all of that ‘stuff’ so went out of fashion with the last government ) and something which takes getting used to!

I think I’m doing everything right in terms of supporting my pregnant wife but truth be told this stage for us fathers to be is a scary ‘limbo’ land . We may be strong on the outside but freaking out on the inside. You may want a macho man but most of us fathers to be show more mouse like features! Ironic isn’t it, that the imminent arrival of a child makes us feel like we were as children – vulnerable, wanting reassurance and scared. Ironic indeed.

Wish me luck in my audition for the trapeze job 🙂

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