Deluxe Midwives/Supporter Bundle

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We have put together a Kicks Count Deluxe Midwives bundle (or bundle for anyone who fancies one!) which saves £3.50 compared to buying everything individually. You will receive one of each item described below.

The bundle is shipped only to UK addresses.

  • A fantastic Cotton Shopper, perfect for carrying around maternity notes or for general shopping to raise awareness while out and about!
  • Raise awareness of our campaign by wearing a lanyard at work!
  • Get attention with our great new floating sperm and egg pen! The pen comes with easy write black ink in the traditional roller ball assembly. Sperm and an egg float in the end chamber and are free to move around when you move the pen. Great for midwives and Doctors for writing forms and to help grab the attention of your mum’s to be. The pen comes with a twist nib.
  • Jot down your notes on a Kicks Count Post it Note Pad!

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