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Pump it!

8 weeks old… I don’t mean this in a bad way but it feels like 8 years. I think it’s because of how frequently I sleep and wake up in a 24 hour period. Makes it seem like every wake up call is a new day. Making me 236 years old.

I’m over a lot of my breastfeeding hurdles now. It has gotten easier as all the professionals said it would although there are some things I think she’ll always do such as nipple wrestling and boob punching. She is proving precisely why I’ll stop breastfeeding when she has teeth!

I’ve been quite slow to start on expressing. My health visitor recommended it to boost my supply but I also have some social functions approaching that I’d like to attend without a baby attached to me. Hard to imagine what that’s going to feel like. I can see me now standing talking to an old colleague at our Christmas Do with my arms cradling a bottle of proseccco, rocking back and forth singing some 90s soft rock (Freya’s preference over nursery rhymes).

So I’ve been trying out the Lansinoh 2 in 1 electric pump. As it was my first pump I opened the box and saw a contraption I thought was used as a weapon on the latest star wars movie but I did what no man would do…I read the instructions. I spent 10 minutes familiarising myself with the parts and how to wash and sterilise them and I was good to go.

The pump is easy to assemble, use and clean. It’s quiet and I was relieved to hear it didn’t make a mooing noise like my sisters used to.

You can pump one boob or two with this but I always do two since Freya usually empties both. It’s so satisfying to see the bottles fill up with milk, it starts to become a competition with myself and how much I can pump each time. So far I’m winning.

One of the biggest advantages of this pump is that it has a display with a timer. I find that really useful since both hands are holding the pump, I can easily see how long I’ve been pumping for. You can adjust the suction too and the length of each phase. It operates in 2 phases, mimicking how a baby sucks. And yes, I did see how far I could go with the suction strength. I drew the line at the eye watering setting.

I learned a few things since expressing. When you increase your supply through frequent feeding and pumping sessions and then go for a night out, expect to look like Dolly Parton by the end of it and my god do they hurt!! Took a few days to settle back down again.

I was also worried I might be using up Freya’s feed if I expressed too close to her feeding time but I was reliably assured pumping only removes 68% of the milk and your boobs start refilling straight away so 40 minutes later you should be full again.

Storing breastmilk is quite a rigid process. There’s not really the same flexibility of sniff it and see like there is for adult food. Plus it’s really not worth the risk. When breastmilk is out of the fridge or freezer there are limits to how long it stays fresh for depending on how you’ve stored it. I was given a handy little gadget called a “Milk Monster”. It’s a cute little timer attached to a strap that goes around the bottle of breastmilk so you can see how long the milk has left before it’s not recommended as safe to use. Clever.

Click here to purchase a Lansinoh Breast Pump

Click here to purchase a milk monster 

For more information on Breast Feeding visit the Lansinoh website

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