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RCM Annual Conference, 19-20 October 2016

Royal College of Midwives Annual Conference

Two day conference | Wednesday 19 – Thursday 20 October | Harrogate International Centre

Ignite your passion for midwifery and attend the RCM Annual Conference.

“This meeting brings together leading experts to present the latest statistics, research initiatives and practice recommendations around antenatal and intrapartum care. We will be considering possible underlying reasons for the trends identified and will discuss initiatives aimed at improving care and reducing perinatal mortality.

Our conference theme will reflect on the three big debating points within contemporary maternity care. How do we provide a service that is simultaneously focused on quality outcomes, the highest professional standards and is an enriching experience for women and their families and the staff who deliver care?

In terms of a safe maternity service – we’ll be exploring the continuing wide variation in outcomes and how we reduce rates of stillbirth, tears and unnecessary interventions. We want to debate what in terms of culture, leadership, reporting and models of care makes for a ‘safe service’.

But safety is only part of the story, the pregnancy and birth experience is equally important. Conference is a unique forum to share expertise and learning with peers, health care professionals, educators and researchers. We’ll share expertise and learning about how midwives have maximised the degree to which women can make choices and receive care personalised to their needs. We know that women’s satisfaction correlates with staff satisfaction, so we’ll be seeking inspiration and challenge about how to make this happen.

Maintaining and developing the highest professional standards is the underpinning of safety and experience. In discussions and debates midwives will have the opportunity to consider how clinical guidelines are interpreted and applied to enhance individual professional responsibility. In plenary we’ll celebrate the professional standing and contribution of midwifery in the 21st century.

Why attend:

  • Conference contributes towards your 20 partipatory hours required for revalidation
  • Update your knowledge and be inspired by more than 40 motivational speakers
  • Debate with senior healthcare professionals on how clinical guidelines are interpreted and applied
  • Tailor your own unique conference programme with your choice of plenary and concurrent sessions
  • Network with some 1000 delegates, share knowledge and experiences and reflect on current practices”

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