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Sleepless in Seattle

You don’t know what you’ve got till its gone, that’s how I feel about sleep at the moment.

I looked down at my sleeve today and there was dried baby poo on there. Actual excrement. I am walking around covered in shit, and the worst part is, I couldn’t even be bothered to do anything about it. All I could do was try to plot the colour on the curry scale, was it a korma or a Balti?

Truth is my baby is 4 months old and still not sleeping well. Some say it’s the 4 month regression but we never really progressed enough to begin with.

There came a point recently when sleep deprivation got the better of me. My daughter had finally fallen asleep but it was on me which isn’t ideal for her sleep progress or my neck. I’d be better off on an easy jet flight using a travel pillow made out of nails. But you stay there and do it just because it means they’ll sleep. However she decided to randomly raise her head and ram her head and dummy with really helpful plastic dome on it into my engorged left breast at such a force I wondered if that’s what being kicked in the nuts felt like. I yelped in pain and cried. It did hurt but certainly wasn’t tear worthy (nothing like labour chaps!), I was just exhausted. I sobbed and I sobbed while she slept, my husband snoring obliviously beside me until I kicked him in the shin. He then took her and I got 2 hours in a row! IN.A.ROW! I can’t believe I now rate that as an achievement.

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