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Sneaky Peek at Window to the womb

Ok so I’ll admit, I’ve never been a massive fan of 3D scans when I’ve been shown them before. You ooh and aah as you should but really you’re thinking ‘what does that remind me of?’ and then it dawns on you it’s not dissimilar to a lava lamp when it’s not been on for very long.

I was given the opportunity to have a 4D scanning experience, naturally I jumped at the chance. A chance to see my baby again … count me in! I was hoping that my fears of looking at my baby and thinking ‘alien’ would be outweighed by motherly love. I’m pleased to report, I was right! What an incredible experience. It truly is amazing what they can do these days. I have to say that I think scanning quality has come on a lot in the last few years and I didn’t once picture a retro lava lamp during my scan. Phew!IMG_6494 copy

I had my scan with ‘Window to the Womb’ in Chessington. They have a number of venues across the UK and I would definitely recommend them. I’ve had a scan at Ultrasound Direct before (they are located in Mothercare stores) and they were good but it wasn’t quite the same all round experience as I got at Window to the Womb.

First off it was a nice large studio, friendly staff and examples of photos on the wall of scans people have had. That got me really excited because I could see just how much detail you can see. It was me, my husband and my sister along for the scan. You could have up to 5 people which is great too. My sister is currently undergoing chemotherapy and whilst I can’t magic her side effects away, I hoped this would lift her spirits and judging by our high pitched squeals during the scan, I think it did.

We went into a large room and I was taken aback by how relaxing it was. I honestly wondered if I’d gone into the wrong room and I was going to get a full body massage and a facial, it had that spa vibe and I’m a sucker for a spa. The room was huge which helps if you are 5 people but the biggest difference I noticed from this scan and my other private one was the size of the screen! It was huge! I didn’t have to squint and strain my neck trying to see a tiny monitor on a faraway wall. It was like Baby Scan Cinema, just missing the pix n mix!

The biggest highlight about this experience for me, was the Sonographer. She was genuinely smiling throughout the whole scan and joined us in our amazement. For someone who does this all the time, she managed to make me feel like this was her first time doing it and that felt very special for me.
FullSizeRender-55I’m not going to compare these scans to NHS ones, to me they are totally different and can’t be compared. The NHS ones are there for medical reasons and as such they are a lot more business-like and quite rightly so.

However, because of that, I think this is such a nice thing to do and trust me ladies you deserve it. It’s nice to have that time where you can literally just gaze at your baby and watch them move, yawn, swallow, ours even smiled a little bit (ok ok I know it was wind), rather than waiting to hear if there’s something wrong or the scan flying past faster than David Cameron exit from parliament. You deserve time to enjoy your baby after all the hard work you’ve been doing keeping them growing.

They offer a number of packages at Window to the Womb, we got the Born to be a Star – 4D scan which is £99. That included a 2D and 4D scan, wellbeing report, all digital images, four 6×4 prints to take home and a digital movie recording of your scan (to be watched later with pic n mix). The scan itself was at least half an hour long but I didn’t really keep track I was completely satisfied with how long it was. It wasn’t rushed in the slightest and it ended when it did because my daughter got camera shy and rolled away so there was nothing more to see. The sonographer tried to get her to move for some time but we had to give up in the end. But I still got 30 minutes of great images and memories.

There is also a Window to the Womb app which I received a link to on my drive home from the scan. With that link I could see all the digital images and instantly share on e mail or post straight to Facebook. I do love technology!

For more info on Window to the Womb visit their website

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