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Starting a new relationship

They say when you fall in love the songs on the radio start to make sense. Well since my cancer diagnosis songs have started to make sense….but I’m fairly sure this ain’t love!


This may however be my significant relationship for the next year (Olly Murs if you are reading this, I’m not against being unfaithful). It’s where my mind wanders when I have nothing to think about, we’ll be having lots of dates and it gets me flowers- OK not directly that would be weird, but I definitely wouldn’t have them if it wasn’t for Mr C! (it has to be a man as who else would give you a disease that involves a boob job as treatment??)

I’m sure we will have good times and bad times along the way. Many arguments will ensue. And as always, I will win!


So Mr C if we’re going to have to have this relationship let’s make it as peaceful and painless as possible. And let me be the one to end it.



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