Creating Memories

“Make sure that once your angel is born, you do everything you can to keep precious memories. We had pics taken, locks of hair, foot and hand prints done. Even if you don’t feel up to looking at them in the months following the birth then you will always have them. After our angel Ned was born sleeping at 41 weeks we savoured as many memories as possible, but I had to give them to my parents to keep until we were ready to have them. We are so glad we did all that as his older brother and rainbow sister will be able to share in our memories”  – Hannah Bentley

Ideas for creating memories


There are organisations that offer free professional photographers when a baby is stillborn or who dies shortly after birth.

Remember my baby

Now I lay me down to sleep

Photography for little people


tobyCarlyMarie writes beautiful names in the sand in memory of stillborn babies. CarlyMarie says “I personally inscribe each name in the sand as well as taking each photograph.The photograph is then treated to ensure the best quality for printing purposes. Once I have treated your photograph I will email it to you in a high resolution digital jpeg format. All sunsets are portrait shots.The image you receive will be an original piece created specifically for your chosen person. I do not recycle images.” To find out more about these images visit CarlyMarieprojectheal 

write from the heartHave a piece of art made from your scan pictures by write from the heart 




Name a star

Name a star after your baby and keep their memory alive. This can be a wonderful way of ensuring your baby is always near you. Visit for how to name a star after your baby


“My older children had all left scars on my body from burning myself on their tea, cutting myself while opening a toy or tripping over teddies. My tattoo was a way for my angel to leave his mark on my body too” Elizabeth

Weighted teddies

A parent’s arms can literally ache to hold their baby following a stillbirth. Nothing can fill that void but weighted teddies can be a great comfort. These can also be a great way to remember your baby at birth. We have found the Pounds and Ounces website who offer weighted teddies Visit Site

Preserve funeral flowers –

Dry or press flowers from the funeral for a lasting keepsake

Jewellery –
Set up a memorial Page –

If you would like to set up a memorial page for your baby to raise funds for our charity you can do so here

Grave/ memorial gardens