Physical Effects of stillbirth

Following a stillbirth a mother will experience many of the same after effects as after a live birth.


The body may start producing breast milk, which can cause discomfort and distress.

What can I do?

– Wait for milk to dry up

Try not to stimulate the breasts at all. Any stimulation, such as rubbing in the shower, can signal the breasts to make more milk. However, if the breast is really engorged, hand expressing until comfortable can really help, as long as it isn’t done every few hours.

Do not bind off the breasts.  This can cause clogged ducts and can lead to infection and mastitis.  This includes tight bras like sports bras or tight tank tops.

– Dry milk up with medication

Medicines called dopamine agonists can stop your breasts from producing milk. They cause few side effects and may also help you feel better emotionally. However, dopamine agonists are not suitable if you have pre-eclampsia.

– Donate breast milk

Some mums choose to donate their breastmilk. This can create some comfort that you are helping another baby however you need to consider the emotional effects this may have before embarking on this route

If you would like to use your breast milk to create memories Hollyday designs create jewellery from drops of breastmilk


As the uterus contracts back to its pre pregnancy size its common to experience pains

Baby Blues/ Postnatal Depression