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Travelling with a baby

I do love modern inventions making life easier for us all. Even more so since becoming a parent. I’ve been a bit spoilt with some of my baby gadgets and now we have holidays coming up I have to find ways to cope without them. Perfect prep machine, you will be missed. I’ve compiled a little list of my absolute must have’s, please share yours in the comments!

Mimi and Mago formula feeder (made by chillipeeps)

I’ve always been a Mary Poppins handbag lady and my change bag is no different. I hate to be without something she needs (or Haribo for me) so I tend to pack a lot more than is necessary, bag bulging at the seams and unable to fasten. For aeroplane hand luggage I need to rein that in. Mimi and Mago formula feeders are adaptor spouts or teats that you can use directly with ready made formula or with water bottles (Evian, Volvic and Highland Spring). The reason for these brands is that they have less than 200 milligrams (mg) a litre of sodium (also written as Na) and less than 250mg a litre of sulphate (also written as SO or SO4).

They’re so easy to use, you just screw the teat or spout into your chosen baby beverage and voila … they can drink it there and then, no need for a sterilised bottle. This saves space as I don’t need lots of bulky bottles in my bag. I found these particularly useful on hot days when we were out and Freya just needed some water. I’ve found every cup I’ve bought her leaks so this was an excellent and much needed alternative.

They come in 0m+ slow teat, 3m+ vari-flow teat and 6m+ fast flow spout (£7 each) plus a mixed pack of 2 x 0m teat, 1 x 3m teat and 1 x spout (£26 for all 3). A must have for your hand luggage!

Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle Warmer

My daughter isn’t fussy when it comes to food but her food or milk temperature … my goodness. If it’s a degree out she won’t have it. I would’ve been lost without this on my travels. Basically, a thermos with an outer lid that fits a bottle inside. I know you can get hot water from some cafes or restaurants (I have also been refused hot water for bottle heating in certain places for health and safety reasons?!) but it’s rarely in a cup big enough to accommodate your bottle. The water stays hot for ages in this (I’d love to be more technically accurate here but I can’t … I’ve used it to heat a bottle after 5 hours which I thought was ages).

JoJo Maman Bebe Giant Muslin

I have hundreds of muslins. Hundreds of the damn things. All over the house. In fact my house looks a bit like a tree someones chucked rolls of toilet paper over for a prank. I find it hard to resist a bit of Jojo and with a store local to me my bank balance is doomed. One day I saw these giant muslins in a little drawstring bag with a cute elephant design, oh go on then! Little did I know just how useful this thing would be. I know it’s ‘just a muslin’ but it’s more than that to us, it’s become part of the family. It’s a sun canopy for the pushchair, a blanket, a sick wiper upper, a makeshift shawl one day when the heavens opened. I’m not sure what makes it so useful, I think it’s the size and maybe the fact that it’s special so I remember to pack it. I’m not sure. All I know is, I love this bloody thing.


GumiGem produce fabulous teething jewellery which can not only aid with soothing gums and satisfying their need to chomp but it keeps them surprisingly entertained when sitting on your lap! I’ve found them very useful during plane journeys, train journeys and meal times. Not a toy that will weigh down your hand luggage either, just wear it as part of your outfit.

Koo-di Pack-it Sun and Sleep Shade

Create bedtime at mealtimes! It’s your holiday too! A breathable UV sunshade that doubles in the evening as a pushchair blackout blind so you can get some couple time.

Oasis Disposable Steriliser Bags

For easy sterilising abroad or on the move, each bag has its own sterilising tablet inside and you simply fill the bag with tap water. Each bag fits about 3 or 4 bottles inside and it lasts for 24 hours. Worth packing some in your hand luggage just in case your luggage gets lost. On that note, if you’re travelling as a group it’s worth splitting up some essentials just in case that does happen.

Backpack change bag and a decent baby carrier

We were loaned a Baby Bjorn backpack change bag from my best friend and we would be so lost without it. It’s so much easier than a standard over the shoulder bag when you’re travelling. Easy to hold the baby and walk without constantly adjusting the bag onto your shoulder whilst trying to avoid getting your hair caught under the strap. Of course you can just buy a normal backpack but I do find the insulated compartments and lots of zip pockets a godsend. Along those lines, a comfortable baby carrier is also a must … and I know this because I’m struggling with ours and on the lookout for a new one that doesn’t put too much strain on my back. Suggestions welcome!

An adorable baby of course

However, no matter how adorable your baby is, when you board a plane people will look at you with the ‘please don’t sit next to me’ stare. Don’t take offence, your baby is still adorable.

Please share your travel tips or packing hacks! I’m sure there’s some genius ideas out there.

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