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Your Wonderful Midwives


When we last posted on Facebook asking for stories of amazing midwives 170 followers left wonderful comments! Here are just a few:

Emily: My midwife was fab! She was called Sharon from Bolton Royal Hospital… She was with me all the way through, even though her shift finished she stayed until I delivered my baby. She took all my abuse and was so calm when things started going wrong and assistance was called in… She kept me calm! And then the next morning she came up to the ward to see me and my baby, she watched over him for an hour so I could sleep. It’s the little things but it was a massive help for me!! So thank you Sharon!

Megan: My midwife Angie was amazing, she made me feel so at ease and she was so supportive when I ended up having an emergency c-section. I also watched her in action on one born every minute the night my son was born! wonderful midwife x

Helen: I had gestational diabetes and then developed obstetric cholestasis. My father in law was critically ill in intensive care when I was induced at 38 weeks and the midwives were so supportive of our situation and made me and my husband feel so at ease at what was a time of so many emotions. I can never thank them enough.

Patricia-Jane: I had a teenage pregnancy midwife all through my pregnant with my son. And I felt so close to her she was always there when I needed somebody to talk to, she egged me on to finish a college course before my little boy was hear, she text me all the way through my labour and as soon as he was here she came to visit to see if I needed a hand with anything, I’m now pregnant with my second and after not seeing her for 2 years I was at the hospital a few week ago and she still remembers who I am and asked.how my son is ect, it’s nice to know your not just there job to them xx

Nikky: All my midwives were good for all 3 deliveries but the midwife for the 3rd was amazing! My waters had broken at 27 weeks and been shipped around the country for neonatal bed. Got discharged Xmas eve with an appointment for bloods on boxing day to checkfor infection. Arrived at 11am feeling awful and in pain although no contractions on the monitor. Midwife watched my face and listened to my worries and rushed me to delivery. I delivered a beautiful boy 24 minutes later. the labour was horrendous. My son was so distressed his heart rate stopped and all staff were screaming at me to push. Hubby was told baby wouldn’t survive and he passed out. My midwife kept me sane and strong through the whole thing, can’t describe how grateful I am to her. Xxx

Laura: My delivery team were amazing. I went into early labour at 23weeks 5days. The midwifes and specialist baby doctors were amazing. My daughter is currently 8 days old and still stable. The team on the NICU ward have made me feel at ease and give me answers to any silly questions I have. Having had such a scare im a one very impressed mummy with all the staff that have helped in the past 8 days. X

Vicky: My midwives were so fantastic, my waters burst spontaneously at 35 weeks having had a totally low risk pregnancy. My little boy stayed put for another 5 days but I then had him naturally with just gas and air in a 3 hour labour. Even though I had to be monitored through labour and on IV antibiotics my midwife supported me to labour standing up which was fantastic smile emoticon we had a week in afterwards while little man had IV antibiotics and the support I had from the hca’s and midwives was brilliant, I breastfed him for over a year because the team set us up so well and I genuinely felt like they cared about us as individuals xx

Helena: I had a fantastic midwife who was with me for the days I was in hospital having the longest induction ever! Just so happened that she was on shift for every one of the nights I was in and delivered my daughter. It was a nerve wracking time lots of complications etc but she was fantastic Renate at Worcester Royal Hospital wonderful person and made a real difference. I sent a letter to the head of midwifery to highlight such a great professional. I’ll never forget her.

Jane: Sue, the main midwife who had cared for me during our third pregnancy came and held me when I was lying recovering after the tragic stillbirth of our little girl, she cried with me and she came regularly to see me at home in the days and weeks that followed, in addition to our bereavement midwife. She’s retired now but we have just had our rainbow baby girl, we got a lovely gift through the post and a card saying that she’d heard our amazing news and that she was crying tears of joy! Amazing woman.

Mandi: When my son was born at 27 weeks by emergency section the next day I had a midwife called Gary – he was brilliant – very reassuring without giving me false hope he was also hilariously funny and made a dreadful situation ok.  My son is now 13 and had a male midwife involved in his care as well as a male health visitor too!


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