Success Story from Jade

Maddox was delivered at at 34+2 weeks after his mum Jade noticed that his movements had reduced. Read more

Success Story from The Baxters

This beautiful little girl was born at 33 weeks when her mum, Jenny, recognised that her movements weren't what she had come to expect as normal. Read more

Success Story from Sara

Beautiful baby Florence was born at 35+4 when her mum, Sara, just knew that "something wasn't right" Read more

Success Story from Jessica

Little Clementine was born at 35 weeks when her worried mum gained the courage to report her concerns over movements and how unwell she felt. A fast-acting medical team delivered her by emergency c-section, getting to her just in time. Read more

Success Story from Isobel

This gorgeous little guy was delivered safely at at 37 weeks as his mum continued to report reduced movement each time it happened, using one of our wristbands to keep track. Read more

Success Story from Ellie

Ellie was delivered safely at 37 weeks by a quick-acting maternity team when her proud mum Kim continued to report reduced movement; Ellie was eventually found to be in distress. Read more

First year reflection

Who knows what might have happened if I hadn’t been aware of movements & also if I didn’t have a brilliant midwife! Read more

My Freddie

Freddie was born at 34+6, 9.55pm weighing a tiny 3lb 9. Read more

Reduced Movements

At 36+6 I went into Maternity Triage with reduced movements, 4 days later my baby was born! Read more