On Tuesday 3rd August I noticed Finleys movements had slowly reduced but I didn't think much of it as when I was pregnant with my toddler I had reduced movements with him I went upto the hospital and as soon as I was on the monitor he started kicking so I just thought I'd leave it and monitor his movements. By bed time Tuesday night I had only felt him 6 times all day the last time I felt him was 7pm during the night I still never felt him by the time my toddler woke up at 6 I was getting abit worried. I tried from 6am to 10am to get him to move but nothing worked I was in two minds and couldn't decide if I should call up or wait til my growth scan the following day. By 10.30am I was starting to panic so I called them and told them everything while I was crying they advised me to come in to go on the monitor. I called a taxi and I was at the hospital at 11.20 I was put on the monitor at 11.30 and had the midwife telling me to move on my side and to drink some water cos the babies heart rate was too high at 12 I had a doctor come and look at the monitor who wasn't happy about his heart rate but walked out and said hell be back to check at 12.20 he came back and said he still wasn't happy so wanted the baby out today I called my partner panicking asking him to get his parents round to look after the other kids and to get there quickly all while I was being taken upstairs to labour ward. When I got there I was given a hospital gown and I had loads of doctors and nurses round me doing things I then was told they wanted baby out now and there was no time for my partner I rang him crying my eyes out while signing forms. I put the phone down and was taken to theater my head was a mess and I can't really remember much about what happened in there. Baby was born at 1.12pm and was taken to neonatal. So from calling at 10.30 to him being born it was less than 3 hours!!
They checked his blood gasses from his cord and it showed he was in distress and needed to be out had I waited til the next day or even that evening they say it would have been a totally different story.
Finley was on cpap for the day oxygen for 4 days and he was only in neonatal for 2 weeks he's now a happy healthy 9 week old.
Thanks to kicks count I realised (even if it took me all night to do something) that counting kicks is so important please don't be like me and wait til the next day I should have gone the day before please make sure you look out for reduced movements and call in if you think there's something wrong.