Alisha Murphy

Thank you visiting my fundraising page for kicks count, here is why I want to raise money and awareness for this charity.

When I fell pregnant with Grace I had never heard of kicks count and how important they are for everyone having a baby to know about them.

By 24 weeks pregnant I had been introduced to the charity kicks count and began to get to know Graces pattern of movement and ensured I recorded her movements during the day to make sure they were normal.

I was then admitted for monitoring twice during my pregnancy as I noticed her movements were reduced. The second time I was monitored I was induced as Grace needed to be delivered. Grace was delivered the morning after I was induced, she was healthy and happy.

If I had not known how important it is to know your babies movement patterns and get seen as soon as there is any reduction or increase in moment that does not match your babies pattern, I may not have my beautiful girl with me now. However some women are not as lucky as I was.

It is so important that every woman who is pregnant knows about this charity and the amazing work they do, and how important it is to know your babies pattern.

Unfortunately the charity is not widely known and does not have a lot of advertising which is why I am raising as much money as I can to help the charity get more banners, posters and leaflets in hospital waiting rooms to inform more pregnant women of the work this charity does and reduce the number of stillbirths in the UK.

I will be taking part in the kicks count spring step-tacular which is taking part between 8th-21st April. During this time I will set a goal of 10,000 steps to reach each day and will log my progress on Facebook and Instagram for anyone who wants to follow.

I hope a lot of you will donate and share this to help raise money and awareness of such an amazing and important charity to me.

You can read stories of how Kicks Count have made a difference here:

Alisha Murphy