Thank you for visiting my fundraising page.

I’m writing this having only run 1 half marathon back when I was 17 (and it took me a week to recover from), so I’m nearly 20 years out of practice! I’m also writing this out of shape, unfit and injured with ligament damage in my shoulder which will limit any training for the next two months.

Training will also be difficult to fit in, as I am completing a degree, have a demanding job and a demanding family! :)

That being said I’m up for the challenge!

I’m very fortunate to have my own beautiful children and want to try to support other people to experience the amazing things that children bring into your life.

My Wife called the midwife a number of times during pregnancy with our daughter when movements were reduced. Kicks Counts gave her the confidence to do this, to know this was the right thing to do.

As a charity dedicated to reducing stillbirth and neonatal death, Kicks Count need help to continue raising awareness and to save more babies lives.

It’s a great cause, and your donation will help them achieve even more. Donating is easy, quick and secure.

Please share with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter – and elsewhere – so I can reach my target and together we can help Kicks Count do more. Thank you!

You can read stories of how Kicks Count have made a difference here:

Mark Cooper