Sarah Davies

As you all know, I lost my Ffion in April 2015 and have since founded my own charity in her memory.

I've recently started running, with the aim to run for charities in the future. I saw this opportunity on Facebook and instantly signed up. Kick Count is a great charity, but this virtual run is supporting baby loss awareness, which is a cause very close to my heart.

As I am able to choose my own distance, I have decided that throughout the month of October, I will run 18 miles to show my support. I must stress that I won't be doing 18 miles in one run, I'm not quite that good yet! I will record all my runs throughout the month and by the end, will have run 18 miles.

I've set up a fundraising page, in the hope that I can raise a bit of money for Kicks Count as I was able to choose where my money would go, and opted to sponsor a midwife.

The midwives I have had when having all three of my babies have been incredible. There are not enough of these wonderful people. We need more of them!

I'd like to raise £100 to go towards sponsoring a midwife. The job they do is not always easy, and I've seen first hand how much it hurts them when a pregnancy doesn't go as planned. They don't get the recognition they deserve.

18 miles might not seem a lot to most, but running is still new to me and right now it feels a little daunting!! If you can donate, regardless of how little, it will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Sarah Davies