Naomi Breslin On 1st October 2017 my good friend Debbie and her husband Paul gave birth to a beautiful sleeping angel: Dottie-May. The strength and courage they have shown both individually and as a family has been inspiring. They are now expecting a rainbow baby beginning of 2019. When I saw the rainbow appeal I knew it would be helpful to their family in supporting them through a happy but bittersweet time. This is why me and Taylor have decided to do another 5k run in memory of Dottie-May but this time set up a fundraising page dedicated to raising funds for the Find a Rainbow appeal so that others can gain the support from these vital resources.
I may never have got to meet Dottie-May but i think everyone who knows Debbie & Paul will agree she has a special place in all our hearts so please if you can donate however small it may be it will go a long way to supporting families who need support during rainbow pregnancys.
Our run will be on October 28th from our home to Morton Stanley and round the park.
Thank you xxxx Naomi Breslin