Phil Shaw On August 4th I will be taking part in ride 100 in aid of the charity Kicks count

We were once told that an adult needs to see information in four different ways before it sticks. That's one of the reasons why we create numerous forms of literature and why we try hard to reach people in numerous ways.

We have produced posters for many years and, having taken on board feedback and visited waiting rooms, it's clear that an A4 poster can sometimes get lost amongst the poster-crowd!

In line with this, we now have another way of getting information about the importance of movements across - banners! We believe that this will be a really successful way of catching the attention of pregnant women and their families.

Since we made them available in early June 2018, we have been overwhelmed by the response from midwives and need to raise funds to keep up with demand. Raising £8,000 will ensure we can provide banners to 100 more waiting rooms.

Each banner costs around £80 each to produce and ship to it's destination. Any support received we are hugely grateful for - awareness really does save lives. Phil Shaw