Kicks Count Wristband - Purple

Our award winning Kicks Count Wristbands are a real help with keeping track of your baby's movement episodes during pregnancy and make it easier to recognise if what you’ve felt is a change from normal. They can help to reduce worry and come in a range of different colours, depending on stock. The bands are made from silicone and come with a spare cursor. 

Using your Kicks Count band

The band can help you get you know your baby’s pattern of movement and how much movement is normal for your baby individually. Remember, there is no quota of movement that all mums should feel. As you feel an episode of movement throughout the day move the plastic slider to the next number on the band.  At around 26-28 weeks you should notice that you are moving the band the same amount of times each day, although this varies and it may be a little earlier or later for you.  Take note of the times of day baby moves too, it’s a great point of reference and getting to know your baby’s pattern of awake and asleep times.  Any change to what is normal for your baby should be reported to the midwives at your Maternity Assessment Unit as soon as possible, they’re there to help you and your baby, don’t worry about calling them!

After your baby is born, the L and R (left and right) can be used as feeding reminders.

The band does not monitor your baby for you and is not a substitute for regular checks with your midwife