It’s nearly time for the World Cup! Have some fun cheering on the teams and make it even more exciting by organising a sweepstake with your friends, family or work colleagues whilst raising funds for Kicks Count. The money you raise will help save little lives.

You can choose whatever sum of money you like, whether it's £1 or £5 a team. The prize could be a 50:50 split between the charity and winner, or maybe you can get a prize donated like a voucher or wine/chocolates. Collect your donations, use our templates to cut out the team names, draw at random then use the poster to record the results making sure the winner gets the prize at the end of the tournament and Kicks Count receives their donation!
Please be aware of the important rules surrounding sweepstakes:
⚽You cannot discount tickets; everyone must pay the same i.e. "£4 each, 3 for £10" is NOT allowed
⚽The prize must be announced beforehand. Decide whether it's a % of the money pot or can you get a donated/purchased prize like chocolates or a voucher?
⚽If it's an office work sweepstake, everyone must be located in the same physical office. If your company has two offices in separate towns/areas, you will need to do one sweepstake per office
⚽There must be one key person organising the sweepstake who cannot financially profit from organising it (yes you can be reimbursed for the prize)
After the sweepstake, you can send us the charity donation in the following ways:
  • Donate on our website, please write Sweepstake in the comments
  • Send a cheque for Kicks Count to 10 The Copse, Ripley, Surrey, GU23 6BN with a note so we know who it's from
  • Email us for our bank account details so you can do a direct transfer

Please gamble responsibly

Download Sweepstake sheet