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We are always happy to help answer your questions. You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions on our website. If you are worried about your baby’s movements or your question is specific to your pregnancy, always speak to your midwife or maternity unit.

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“Can I just say a massive thank you! If it wasn’t for Kicks Count my little boy may not be alive! I went into hospital on the 13th of May with reduced movements. I trusted my instinct and followed your amazing advise, within an hour of walking through the maternity triage doors I was having a section to get my little boy out (34+2 weeks gestation) He’s now been transferred to Evilina (St Thomas) and is on life support but he’s stable, something that might not have been possible if I didn’t follow your advice and for that I’m thankful! My little boy Maddox is alive because of you!!” – Jade

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