In December 2017 we were due our 20-week scan we were so excited to find out the gender and asked them to seal in an envelope so we could give it to my sister and on my birthday (Xmas eve) do a gender reveal.

We discovered we were expecting a little boy and was over the moon. Sadly, 9 days later, things took a horrible turn. After attending the hospital to be checked over, we discovered I was 6cm dilated and had bulging membranes. My baby was not going to make it, we were only 21 weeks and 3 days.

We chose to wait and watch, to see if we could make it to viability, but sadly 4 days later I went into labour at just 22 weeks. After 9 hours of labour I gave birth to the most perfect precious little boy I have ever seen. He was born alive, moving his arms and legs and a little tiny cry. He lived for 2 and a half hours and passed away peacefully in our arms. We spent the next night at home with him before he was taken to the funeral directors.

Some weeks passed and we discovered I had a serious infection and that's what caused the premature birth. Finding out it wasn't something I'd done wrong something that couldn't be helped made things easier to accept. We agreed soon after we would try again and 8 months on I discovered I was, by some miracle, pregnant again.

It took me 6 years to convince my first 3 children and 16 months to conceive Arlo, the son we lost, so didn't expect things to happen quickly. I couldn't believe our luck. I had a few issues throughout my pregnancy but it was probably the most straight forward pregnancI'veve had. I was petrified every second of every day but tried to stay positive that the baby would make it. We decided that we would schedule a c.section for 36+3.

The day of my section I was totally empty through fear. We got taken down early and they started. I had so many emotions going through my head: excitement, fear, guilt for Arlo and more. At 10.45 on the 15th May, our beautiful baby girl was born with a full head of hair. Sadly they had to whisk her straight off as she couldn't breathe too well. That caused my anxiety to go through the roof. We were informed, whilst I was still on the operating table, that I cannot have anymore children. They aren't sure when, or for how long it had been like it, but my uterus had already ruptured before they had delivered the baby. Me and my daughter are very lucky to still be here today, and I am convinced it was because of our angel Arlo watching over us and keeping us safe!

After 48 hours in special care our daughter, Harper, was allowed to be back with me on the ward, and what an amazing day that was. Every time I look at her I realise just how lucky we are and if it wasn't for Arlo things would be so different ... and that dreams really do come true!