A rainbow baby is a baby born following the loss of another baby. A rainbow is something beautiful that follows a storm and while it doesn’t deny the storm, it offers beauty and hope of brighter days to come.


Our Finding a rainbow project, made possible by Frugi and their customers, is our way of offering support to those who are pregnant following a previous loss. We understand first hand how hard a rainbow pregnancy can be, it's an incredibly anxious time and we hope to help comfort families during this time. We have created helpful bundles for families, presented in a limited edition organic cotton bag made by Frugi. The loss of a baby can be a confusing and distressing time for older siblings and they may need additional support when another baby is on the way. We have therefore created a sibling bundle alongside our bundle for parents.


The bundle for parents includes:

  • A Kicks Count Wristband to help mum get to know and track their baby's movements, which can help ease anxiety and help mums feel more in control.
  • A beautiful rainbow Wish Bracelet from By Molly&Izzie.
  • An Antenatal Note Sticker to note down the number of their Maternity Unit.
  • A Stillbirth and Neonatal Death sticker to use on the front of maternity notes, to help alert medical professionals and clerical staff quickly that this is a rainbow pregnancy.
  • Information and latest guidance on baby's movements.

The bundle for siblings includes:

  • A copy of our "I Will Always Remember Our Baby' book, written by Elizabeth Hutton, the Kicks Count CEO and illustrated by Helene WestonThe book helps to explain baby loss to children.
  • Two small teddies – the sibling can look after both teddies throughout the pregnancy and then give the rainbow teddy to their newborn brother or sister when they arrive, while keeping the other for themselves.

Both come with an exclusive rainbow design organic cotton bag produced by Frugi.

Speaking as a mother who has had both the parent and sibling pack, I cannot express how wonderful these are and what a difference they make. Not just for the contents but also really helps you feel like there's people out there who "get it" and who want to understand and help. Rainbow pregnancies are wonderful but also come with awfully high anxiety rates. Any beautiful thing like this helps. Thanks you Kicks Count xxx - SAMANTHA


The bundles are available for free through registered UK midwives

Midwives who work with rainbow parents in the UK, or who working abroad with military families, can register with us to provide rainbow cards to women in their care. The cards feature an individual code which the mum can then use to claim her bundles from us free-of-charge. As the project is due to relaunch later in the year, we are not currently accepting new midwives onto the project. Check back in November!

For those who would rather purchase a bundle, or would like to gift one to someone else, they are also listed in our online shop.


In addition to being an integral part of our Sibling Bundle, we realise that these books will be helpful to families directly after the tragedy of a stillbirth or neonatal death. We are happy to supply a few books to Bereavement Midwives at NHS Maternity Units for use as and when sadly needed. 

If you believe in this project as much as we do and would like to show your support you can make a donation directly to our Finding a Rainbow Project Appeal

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