How common is stillbirth in the UK? 

The latest available figures are from 2018. 

  • 1 in every 250 births ended in a stillbirth
  • For every 1,000 babies born, 4.1 were stillborn.
  • Around 8 babies were stillborn every day.
  • 2,943 babies were stillborn in 2018 in the UK.
  • Croatia, Poland and Czech Republic all have better stillbirth rates than UK.

Only around 10% of stillbirths are thought to be caused by a fatal congenital abnormality, meaning there is the potential to save up to 90% of stillborn babies.

Stillbirth is 10 times more common than cot death but, arguably, lesser discussed.

How common is neonatal death (death in the first 28 days)?

  • In 2018 there were 2,131 neonatal deaths in the UK
  • For every 1,000 babies born 2.8 died within 28 days

Reduced Fetal Movement and Stillbirth

50% of mothers who had a stillbirth noticed slowing down of baby movements beforehand

When a baby is getting less oxygen or nutrients in the womb, they will move less to conserve energy. Reduced baby movements can be a sign that something is wrong and should always be reported

Women who experience more than one episode of reduced fetal movement have a higher risk of stillbirth.

Norway has seen a significant reduction in their stillbirth rate by educating parents on the importance of baby movements. We aim to do the same.