Lanyard with Safety Release

Our lanyards have a safety release and feature the distinctive Kicks Count branding, they’re brilliant for starting conversations about baby movements.

Your baby's movements

Feeling your baby move is a sign that they are well. Find out more about your baby's normal movements during pregnancy.




We have some very passionate supporters who recycle their own rubbish to help both the environment and our charity continue our work. If you'd like to contribute to their collections they would be grateful for your support - as would we!

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  • Success Story from Jessica

    Little Clementine was born at 35 weeks when her worried mum gained the courage to report her concerns over movements and how unwell she felt. A fast-acting medical team delivered her by emergency c-section, getting to her just in time. Read more

  • Success Story from Ellie

    Ellie was delivered safely at 37 weeks by a quick-acting maternity team when her proud mum Kim continued to report reduced movement; Ellie was eventually found to be in distress. Read more

  • Success Story from The Baxters

    This beautiful little girl was born at 33 weeks when her mum, Jenny, recognised that her movements weren't what she had come to expect as normal. Read more