Holly Willoughby talks Baby Movement

Mum-of-three Holly encourages mums to get to know their baby's movements.

Kicks Count Wristbands

What are Kicks Count Wristbands and why and how do you use one?


Author: Lisa Newhouse

Kicks Count Literature

We provide various forms of literature for midwives to order and distribute to their mums-to-be for free.


Author: Lisa Newhouse

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Lives Saved

  • FMH and reduced movements

    My baby was born alive thanks to your campaign, I would have taken the advice about baby movements from my parents as gospel otherwise ... after all, they have 6 kids between them, they are the experts ... aren't they??? Read more

  • Reduced movements

    I had my baby delivered at 30 weeks after a few episodes of reduced movement. Thanks to Kicks Count I was able to recognise that something just was not right! Read more

  • I just happened to mention my baby was a bit quiet

    I now have the most beautiful and healthy baby boy, weighing 8lb 10oz - he’s absolutely perfect. Read more