My 3rd son is 2 days away from his 1st Birthday, 3 weeks before his original due date.

I had a few episodes of reduced movements from around 34 weeks. I had been following your page on facebook since I was pregnant with my second son and my midwife was great at telling me to get checked any differences. Each time I went in I was monitored and put at ease that baby was okay.

The day before I was 37 weeks I went for my routine midwife appointment. I mentioned that I had reduced movements again that day. My midwife did all usual checks and had noticed my bump hadn’t grown since my last check. So off I was sent for a scan. The scan showed a healthy heartbeat but baby didn’t move so they put me on the monitor. This time I wasn’t put at ease, baby didn’t show happy moving.
The drs came to see me and it was decided as I was classed as full term the next day they wouldn’t just wait and see, I was kept in and induction was started.

My son George arrived and need a good rub to get him going but thankfully he was absolutely fine. Who knows what might have happened if I hadn’t been aware of movements & also if I didn’t have a brilliant midwife! Thank you kicks count for raising awareness!