I started using the kicks count app from about 20 weeks, and noticed a little pattern forming from my little girl. I remember the first time I had reduced movements, I went straight to day assessment. Thankfully all was well with the heartbeat. Then it happened again a second time so I was booked in to have a scan. It showed he was all fine and well and it reassured me. When I had reduced movements for the 3rd time, I had another scan. That's when they noticed that my waters were low, which lead to the diagnosis of PPROM. I also had pre-eclampsia along with it and my little girl had in uterine growth restriction. I had my little girl at 33 weeks and managed to have steriods in time for the birth. So when my little girl was born she came out screaming and very healthy! Emilia was born weighing 3lbs 4oz and stayed in NICU for 3 weeks. Without kicks count I would never of feel empowered to speak up about the reduced movements and I wouldn't have my little girl here today. Always follow your instinct!