I have been given the date to go to Windsor Castle to receive my OBE (20th March) and I really wanted a way to honour our babies and raise much needed funds to reduce future stillbirths and neonatal deaths. After looking at many different options I am currently looking at having pendants engraved that I will wear to receive my OBE, and will then send the pendant on to the parents/donor. 

This special tribute is not only a personal way to remember your little one but also a powerful contribution to our mission of reducing stillbirth and neonatal death through the work of Kicks Count.

The suggested donation is £200 and will include the pendent being sent to you after the ceremony

Due to the lack of time before my investiture the deadline for donations is 29th February. If you have a way to secure donations after this date and would like to be included please do get in touch.

How It Works:

1. Set up your page

You can set up a fundraising page in memory of your baby and ask people to donate or fundraise to it. Or you can make a one off donation to the appeal. 

2. Email us your details

Send me an email on [email protected] with the name you would like on the pendent (up to 30 characters, can include letters or numbers) 

2. The OBE ceremony 

I will very proudly wear your baby's name while I receive my OBE from a member of the Royal Family at Windsor Castle

3. Receive the Necklace

After the ceremony I will send you the pendent for you to keep

Why Contribute:

  • Personal Tribute: Your baby's name will be prominently featured on a necklace worn to a prestigious ceremony.
  • Support the Cause: Every donation directly contributes to Kicks Count's mission of reducing stillbirth and neonatal death through education and awareness.
  • Create a Lasting Legacy: Your contribution helps create a lasting legacy in memory of your baby.

Set up your page

Thank you for being a part of this extraordinary initiative.

Together, we make a difference.