Back in 2007, I was 37 weeks pregnant when I went into labour. A couple of days previous I hadn't felt quite right and had an awful headache but didn't think too much of it. I was told by a midwife that baby's move less towards the end so I also didn't think too much of the fact he hadn't been very active either. I arrived at the hospital and they did a scan. It took ages and they got someone else to take over saying they couldn't see a flicker which I knew they meant heartbeat. So then we were told our baby had died inside me and I'd have to give birth. I was immediately sick with the shock and then had to carry on with labour and eventually gave birth to a wee boy the next day. They dressed him and put him in a Moses basket and I remember feeling so frustrated that he looked absolutely perfect with his wee fingers and everything but he just wasn't alive and I'd never see his eyes. We got footprints and handprints and photos to take home and honestly can't thank those midwifes at the hospital enough for that as I'll always have them to remember him by. Fortunately I've gone on to have a baby girl and she's now 9. I do find speaking about it really helps but you don't like to bring up the subject with people who haven't been through it because you don't want to make them feel uncomfortable. I wish I'd known more about stillbirth years ago. I felt at the time all I wanted was to hear other people's experience of it and I was searching for leaflets etc as I didn't even have internet at that time never mind all the social media there is nowadays. Thank goodness for things like count the kicks, and I'm happy to break the silence of such a taboo subject.